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Mar 22, 2019

Sondage: les Québécois ni souverainistes, ni fédéralistes

March 22, 2019

Plus nombreux que jamais à s’inquiéter pour la survie du français, les Québécois ne se définissent majoritairement ni comme souverainistes ni comme fédéralistes. Six instituts de recherchebrossent le portrait de Québécois, mais aussi de Canadiens en général, qui s’identifient de plus en plus à leur province plutôt qu’au pays. Read More

Mar 22, 2019

Is the West fed up with Canada? What a new survey shows about the federation’s growing fault lines

March 22, 2019

Findings from the Environics Institute point to rising political alienation in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Atlantic Canada – resentment that Ottawa ignores at its own peril, researchers warn Read More

Mar 22, 2019

Canada: Pulling Together or Drifting Apart

March 22, 2019

2019 Survey of Canadians

Are Canadians pulling together or drifting apart as a nation? This is the focus of the first report analyzing the findings of the Confederation of Tomorrow 2019 Survey of Canadians. Read More

Mar 07, 2019

Come federal budget time, spare a thought for Canada’s unprincipled transfers

March 7, 2019

The federal government will issue its 2019 budget on March 19th. As always, the majority of federal spending will come in the form of transfer payments to Canada’s provinces and citizens. And the question of the fairness of these transfers is bound to arise. Read More

Sep 18, 2018

National pharmacare has to overcome intergovernmental hurdles. Can it?

September 18, 2018

How much Canadians pay for prescription drugs depends very much on where they live. Middle-income residents of Prince Edward Island facing an expensive drug treatment has to cover the first $4,400 with their own money – then their provincial pharmacare program pays for the rest. Read More

Sep 06, 2018

Prescribing Federalism: Key Takeaways

September 6, 2018

The federal government is deciding how to proceed on national pharmacare. Whatever path it chooses, federal action on pharmacare will need to carefully consider its interactions with an existing landscape of provincial programs. Read More