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Confederation of Tomorrow 2.0

Confederation of Tomorrow 2.0

In November 1967, the Premier of Ontario convened the landmark Confederation of Tomorrow conference. The event allowed political leaders from all ten provinces to share their perspectives on the country’s promising future and identify priorities for change. The conference laid the foundations for a stronger federation amid the energy and excitement of the country’s centennial.

Fifty years later, the need for provincial leadership in Canada is stronger than ever. From equipping citizens with the skills needed in a society increasingly driven by advanced technologies, to building liveable cities, to providing health care, child care and care for the elderly in a sustainable manner, to transitioning to a post-carbon economy, to building a new relationship with Indigenous peoples, to responding to shifting global patterns of migration, the issues that are shaping Canada’s future are ones that necessitate a visionary response from provincial governments.

On December 11-12 , 2017 in Toronto, the Mowat Centre will mark the 50th anniversary of Confederation of Tomorrow with a policy conference to assess how provinces can initiate innovative policy responses to the issues shaping Canada’s future. The event will refresh the discussion of Canadian federalism by focusing on emerging national and global challenges and the advantages that provincial leadership offers in addressing them.

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December 11, 2017

Confederation of Tomorrow 2.0 Conference

Join us on December 11-12, 2017 in Toronto for a policy conference, hosted by the Mowat Centre, to assess how provinces can initiate innovative policy responses to the issues shaping Canada’s future. More
September 27, 2017 | Andrew Parkin

Provinces should lead policy innovation on Canada’s defining issues – again

With political news focused on federal tax changes, a federal cabinet shuffle, and federally-led NAFTA renegotiations, it is easy to lose sight of the where the weight of governing falls in Canada. According to the OECD, Canada’s provincial, territorial and local governments account for nearly four out of every five public dollars spent – a level of decentralization unmatched by any other developed country. More