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April 19, 2017

Sunil Johal on AM 640’s The Morning Show talking about the future of jobs.

Sunil Johal on AM 640's The Morning Show talking public investment in artificial intelligence and its implications for the future of work. More
April 18, 2017

Some companies are injecting their employees with microchips

Sunil Johal on CTV's Your Morning talking about the policy and ethics implications of microchipping employees. More
April 13, 2017

Sunil Johal on The Agenda discussing on-demand public transit

Sunil Johal on TVO's The Agenda's panel on Uber and Innisfil partnering to provide on-demand public transit in the town. More
March 28, 2017

CBC Here and Now Interview: Regulating Airbnb

Sunil Johal on CBC Here and Now discussing how to regulate Airbnb fairly and beneficially. More
March 22, 2017

CBC Radio One Ottawa Interview: Automation and the Government Response

Sunil Johal on CBC Radio One Ottawa's Ottawa Morning discussing automation, the needed government response, and what the federal budget can do. More
March 20, 2017

CHML Radio Interview: How should the federal government handle automation?

Sunil Johal on the Scott Thompson Show discussing what the federal government is and should be doing in response to the challenges of automation. More
March 14, 2017

CBC Radio Interview: Stop Calling it the Sharing Economy

Sunil Johal on CBC Radio's The 180 with Jim Brown explaining why the term "the sharing economy" may not be the most appropriate. More
March 1, 2017

Video: Canada’s Sharing Economy on CBC’s On the Money

Sunil Johal on CBC's On the Money discussing new StatsCan data on the economic importance of the sharing economy in Canada. More