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Stanley L. Winer

Stanley L. Winer is the Canada Research Chair Professor in Public Policy in the School of Public policy and Administration and the Department of Economics at Carleton University, Ottawa. In addition to Carleton, he has also taught courses at Carnegie-Mellon, the University of Western Ontario, the Hebrew University, Duke and the University of Eastern Piedmont. His many publications include Interregional Migration and Public Policy in Canada: An Empirical Study. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Forthcoming 2012 (with Kathleen Day) and Internal Migration and Fiscal Structure: An Econometric Study of the Determinants of Inter-Provincial Migration in Canada. Economic Council of Canada, 1982 (with Denis Gauthier).

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September 29, 2011 | Kathleen M. Day, Stanley L. Winer

What do we know about the relationship between regionalized aspects of the unemployment insurance system and internal migration in Canada?

Kathleen Day and Stanley Winer review the past four decades of empirical research on the relationship between internal migration and regional variation in the generosity of Canada’s unemployment insurance system. More