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Mark D. Jarvis

Mark D. Jarvis was Practice Lead, Government Transformation at the Mowat Centre. Prior to joining Mowat, Mark worked for more than a decade in the federal civil service. He has also written and edited a number of books and articles on governance, accountability and democratic reform, including co-authoring Democratizing the Constitution: Reforming Responsible Government, the recipient of the 2011 Donner Prize for the best public policy book by a Canadian.

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August 8, 2016 | Mark D. Jarvis

Creating a High-Performing Canadian Civil Service against a Backdrop of Disruptive Change

The latest from Mowat in our ongoing Shifting Gears research partnership with KPMG, this paper takes a hard look at Canada’s federal civil service. More
November 13, 2015 | Mark D. Jarvis, Tony Dean

Trudeau signals his commitment to open government by releasing his ministers’ mandate letters

One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first responsibilities, even before assuming office last week, was to choose his cabinet ministers and assign them portfolios — a task that garnered a lot of attention given the calibre of the individuals vying for a seat at the cabinet table and the prime minister’s historic commitment to achieving gender parity in cabinet. More
May 7, 2015 | Nevena Dragicevic, Mark D. Jarvis, Rob Dorling, Kyle Hanniman, Emma Tarswell

Where Are the Hardest Places to Live in Canada?

In June 2014 the New York Times’ "Upshot" published a striking map depicting the hardest places to live in America. More
February 11, 2015 | Mark D. Jarvis

Want better performance from civil servants? Start with improving accountability

When accountability in government makes the news it is often for the wrong reason — scandals, resignations, scathing auditor-general reports, or even questionable election campaign tactics. More