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Leah F. Vosko

Leah F. Vosko is Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in the Political Economy of Gender and Work and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Work and Society, York University. She conducts research on labour and social policy, placing an emphasis on gender and labour market insecurity in Canada and internationally. Since 2001, Professor Vosko has directed the development of two linked and collaborative databases—the Gender and Work and Comparative Perspectives on Precarious Employment Databases—involving co-investigators from across Europe and North America as well as Australia and overseen several community-university initiatives on labour market insecurity in Canada.Professor Vosko’s latest book, Managing the Margins: Gender, Citizenship and the International Regulation of Precarious Employment, is published with Oxford University Press, UK.

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August 24, 2011 | Leah F. Vosko

The Challenge of Expanding EI Coverage

Charting Exclusions and Partial Exclusions on the Bases of Gender, Immigration Status, Age, and Place of Residence and Exploring Avenues for Inclusive Policy Redesign
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