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Josh Hjartarson

Josh Hjartarson is a previous Policy Director at the Mowat Centre. He received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Toronto in 2005. Since then, he has lectured extensively in comparative and Canadian politics, including here at the U of T. His book on financial sector reform, "Foreign Banks and Financial Reform," was published in 2009. Josh also brings policy and management experience from the public sector, having served in various positions with the Government of Ontario in Intergovernmental Affairs, Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Finance. Prior to beginning his Ph.D., he lived in Central Europe and worked for Bank Austria in its financial markets research division.

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November 23, 2011 | Jennifer Gold, Josh Hjartarson, Matthew Mendelsohn

Fiscal Sustainability and the Future of Public Spending

A Shifting Gears Progress Report
This Shifting Gears progress report examines how well governments in Canada and across the OECD are doing in returning to fiscally sustainable positions. More
November 16, 2011 | Mary Davis, Josh Hjartarson, Jon Medow

Making It Work

The Final Recommendations of the Mowat Centre EI Task Force
The paper proposes a blueprint for a strengthened national program to support the unemployed. Its recommendations focus on the architecture of support for the unemployed and the principles that should drive reform. More
October 31, 2011 | William Falk, Matthew Mendelsohn, Josh Hjartarson, Alex Stoutley

Fiscal Sustainability and the Transformation of Canada’s Healthcare System

A Shifting Gears Report
This report from the Mowat Centre and the School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Toronto, supported by KPMG, is intended to help facilitate informed, strategic, long-term decision-making in healthcare in Canada. More
October 24, 2011 | Kelly Hinton, Michael Szala, Josh Hjartarson

Putting Canada on Track

A Blueprint for a National Transit Framework
Efficient public transit is crucial to the success of large city regions. More
October 21, 2011 | Josh Hjartarson, Matthew Mendelsohn, Neville McGuire, Reuven Shlozberg

The Vital Commons

A Policy Agenda for the Great Lakes Century
In June 2011, the Mowat Centre and the Brookings Institution convened leaders from the government, business, labour, non-profit, and academic communities, from both Canada and the US, to identify ways to collaborate across the border and ensure the prosperity and sustainability of the region. More
June 21, 2011 | Allison Bramwell, Kelly Hinton, Josh Hjartarson, Matthew Mendelsohn

The Vital Commons

An Agenda for the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Region
Regions will be just as important as nation-states in ensuring the well-being of communities in the coming decades.  More
November 10, 2010 | Josh Hjartarson, Matthew Mendelsohn, James Pearce

A Report Card on Canada’s Fiscal Arrangements

Every year, the federal government transfers approximately $50 billion in its major transfers–the Canada Health Transfer, the Canada Social Transfer and Equalization. More
October 15, 2010 | Josh Hjartarson, Matthew Mendelsohn, James Pearce

Saving Dollars and Making Sense

An Agenda for a More Efficient, Effective and Accountable Federation
The paper argues that the federal and provincial-territorial governments in Canada are too often unproductively involved in the same policy space. More
July 13, 2010 | Josh Hjartarson

One Economic Market or a Collection of Jealous Rivals?

Ensuring the Effectiveness of Securities Reform in Canada
This Mowat Centre Note examines the options for organizing the Canadian Securities Regulator. More