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Carrie Moody

Carrie is a former policy associate with Mowat NFP. Prior to Mowat, Carrie worked in the Voluntary Sector Relations Unit at the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and studied not-for-profit policy at Ryerson University’s Master of Public Policy and Administration Program. She has also worked in community development and advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto.

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February 20, 2014 | Elizabeth McIsaac, Carrie Moody

Diversity & Inclusion

Recent sector survey results tell the story of a sector that has not internalized diversity in its hiring policies. In this Sector Signal, we analyze the findings from the Looking Ahead Leadership Survey and consider the challenges facing the sector in advancing diversity and inclusion. More
September 19, 2013 | Elizabeth McIsaac, Carrie Moody

A Platform for Change

This Sector Signal explores shared platforms as an organizational model for the not-for-profit sector and considers the opportunity to expand and deepen the practice. More
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The Social Enterprise Opportunity for Ontario

This Sector Signal explores the potential and viability of social enterprise for providing innovative and cost effective solutions to deliver on the promise of inclusive economies and resilient communities in Ontario. More
February 25, 2013 | Elizabeth McIsaac, Carrie Moody

The Integration Agenda

This first Sector Signal from Mowat NFP looks at the current climate of fiscal restraint, and the implications for that part of the NFP sector that provides government services.  More